Grade 8 Awards

GCPS Grade 8 Awards

Awarded after each term Report Card

Outstanding Academic Achievement Certificates

90%+ overall average 

80%+ in ALL subject areas

No S or N in the learning skills

Awarded at Grade 8 June Luncheon

Academic Excellence  (1)

The student with the overall top academic achievement from both terms.

The Phoenix Award (2)

These students have contributed to the entire school population, helping to make GC a wonderful place to learn. They happily follow the routines and respect the structure put in place. As well, they show excellent participation in extracurricular activities such as sports teams and clubs.  The recipients have strived to acquire new skills in a variety of endeavours. These students set a positive example for peers with a typically happy demeanor and cooperative participation in all areas.

Award for Student Resilience (1)

The following criteria describe this award: the attitude, work ethic, and integrity of this student have shown tremendous growth throughout the Grade 8 school year. Over the course of the year, this individual has grown into the task of learning.  This student provides an exemplar of what can be accomplished with initiative and a desire to change for the better.

Friendship Award (1)

The recipient of this award is easily identified as a friend to everyone. She or he repeatedly demonstrates empathy for peers who are going through difficult times, always can be depended upon to help friends resolve their problems, and readily gets involved in helping new students feel comfortable at Glen Cairn.  

OPC (Principal’s Award for Student Leadership) (1)

This student best demonstrates leadership within the school community, and leads peers through exemplary conduct in both classroom studies and extracurricular activities. Pride is shown in all work. Interactions with adults and peers alike are successful. This student assumes responsibility in situations with peers when necessary direction is unclear. Highly developed leadership skills permit this student to assist in creating positive outcomes to these situations.

All-Around Athlete (2)

The recipients of this award are fierce competitors, gracious winners, and, more importantly, are happy even in defeat, having enjoyed the thrill of the game.  These students often go “above and beyond” to include their peers in the game, and they always help build up the team. They show a passion for athletics in both phys ed class and extracurricular competitions.

The Arts Award (2) (NOT academic based)

These students demonstrate a passion in one or more of visual arts, music, drama, dance, or creative writing.

STEM Award (1)

This student demonstrates critical thinking in the areas of science and math, and displays purposeful application of  his or her knowledge. As well, this individual is driven by a desire to know more in these fields.

Language Award (2) (NOT academic based)

The recipients of this award demonstrate a love of languages. As well, these individuals are driven by a desire to know more. May speak more than one language, may be a GCPS Language Ambassador.

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